World Policy Journal ranks the top 10 most isolated countries based on a weighted series of criteria including number of countries directly connected by plane, the percentage of individuals on the Internet, the number of foreign visitors, the percentage of the total population that are immigrants, and imports per capita in dollars.

1. North Korea

Visitors to the Hermit Kingdom are forbidden to bring publications of any kind.

2. Somalia

In 2010, a Canadian tourist named Mike arrived in Mogadishu, baffling local officials.

3. Myanmar

Myanmar is the only country to forgo a metric or imperial-based measurement system and invent its own.

4. Madagascar

After a violent uprising in 2009 ousted the elected president, foreign investment, tourism, and trade to the island fell drastically.

5. Burundi

Landlocked and boasting a single television station, Burundi is ranked the world’s worst in enabling...

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