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Current Issue
Volume 35,
Issue 1,
March 1, 2018

About the Journal

World Policy Journal (WPJ) is the flagship publication of the World Policy Institute. For over thirty years WPJ has been home to both distinguished and emerging thinkers from around the globe. WPJ's articles inject new ideas into international debates on the world’s most pressing issues. Essays and reported pieces cover global security, regional conflict, political controversy, and cultural and social change. The journal is known for lively, intelligent writing that challenges conventional wisdom and offers fresh perspectives on underreported issues. The articles and analyses offer strong points of view that transcend the foreign-versus-domestic policy divide, reflecting the institute's global perspective. Regular features include a photojournalism portfolio, a conversation with a compelling thinker, and illustrations and cartoons from international artists. Each issue is centered on a cover package, with several major essays and graphic features exploring aspects of a single issue in depth. Cover themes have focused on water, food, sports, sex and sexuality, and communications. Above all, World Policy Journal aims to showcase thought from far beyond traditional thinkers to all nations.

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