Deep breath.

How do you want it?

     A jockstrap and a smile with my feet in the air
     Or something a little . . . darker?
     Every choice is a new part to play.
     Every role, every wink, every . . . stroke. Is controlled.
     In my bedroom, I'm alone.
     Everything is ready.
     Camera on the tripod, set to record.
     I lie back.
     Breathe in.
     Breathe out.
     My hands slowly trace my collar bones down my chest
     Slowly teasing, small electric currents connect the skin.
     This body I once hated, now the center of pleasure for me and others.
     My fingers inch lower, zoom in.
     Slower. Let them wait. Make them want it.
     Make them yours.


Love me.

Here, I have power.

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