In 2017, Mexican transfeminist artist and activist Lia García (La Novia Sirena) made weekly visits to dorm 10Bis of the prison Reclusorio Norte, engaging in performative actions with a group of cis-male prisoners. Sprouting from images of Proyecto 10Bis (2017), this article argues that, within conditions of increasing violence and impunity, Lia transgenders touch in ways that, by (re)producing hypertenderness, serve as a balm for a hyperviolent state. Unpacking the haptics in the mechanics of production, and considering the Derridian impossibility of tact and of the law, the author argues that by placing herself—cuerpo y corazón—between the state and the body, Lia engenders a haptic tactic that, through a transgendered hypertender touch, activates transaffective resistances that contend with the law and the state.

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