As part of the doctoral research project “Social Transformations and Corporeal Micropolitics: A Study on the Process of Normalization of Trans* in Mexico City,” the author has acted as a participant observer in the Trans* Support Group of the Condesa Specialized Clinic of Mexico City since 2012. The support group is inside the first and primary public health institution that has offered medical attention to trans* persons, whether transsexual or transgender, since 2009 as a part of public insurance. This article presents as much the history of the group—its origins and particularities, as well as its development as a project under the aegis of the clinic but not planned or regulated by it—as a first dialogue between processes of corposubjectivation among those who attend the group and the clinic context, as well as with the process of the normalization of trans* in Mexico City in general. The objective is to reflect ethnographically on the embodiment of gender as norm and leakage, showing the constant tension between the representation and the experience of it.

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