In this essay, the author draws on his experience as a trans, francophone, feminist researcher to share his reflections on the difficulties encountered within francophone contexts in the development of knowledge that moves beyond what the TSQ editors call “the familiar and overly simplistic dichotomy often drawn between an exclusionary transphobic feminism and an inclusive trans-affirming feminism.” Without reducing the work of the few francophone researchers interested in trans/feminisms, including the author's, to the fight against exclusionary, transphobic feminist theories, policies, and practices, he demonstrates how problematic it is to articulate their work in terms other than the exclusion/inclusion of trans people within feminism. The author offers as a case study the 2015 Seventh International Conference of Francophone Feminist Research, currently the world's most important francophone feminist conference, to illustrate the near total silence on trans issues that reigns in francophone feminist communities.

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