Vanessa Craig is a suit consultant, fashion designer, and queer-events curator working it for two decades out of Los Angeles. Craig has a wicked taste for disco balls and uses her skateboard for pretty much everything. Her clothing lines include Sew-Gay and X-Killer, both design concepts utilizing silk screen, fashion design, and queer-community embodiments and knowledges. Through art, satire, and that special savoir faire, Craig creates queer, trans*, and lesbian public sites for dialogue, dance, and other forms of community participation. Craig, a surfer, was featured in Curl Girls, a Logo reality TV show chronicling the friendship of a group of lesbian surfers in 2007.

Tania Hammidi:What is your preferred gender pronoun?

Vanessa Craig: Vanessa, or “She,” or “Sir” if I am in the checkout line at Vons.

TH:How is it to be a part of community-based art projects and the commercial world simultaneously?

VC: I don't...

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