The fashion section for issue 3.1–2 of TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly features two interviews conducted by Tania Hammidi, who currently represents a central voice in all things trans* and queer in the fashion world. Tania Hammidi is the founder of Queerture: Queer + Couture, an organization highlighting LGBTQIA fashion design, illustration, modeling, and style innovation. Hammidi also writes about fashion and dance, curates fashion shows, and participates as a model in the fashion industry. Hammidi's guest curation of the fashion section features interviews with designer Vanessa Craig and agender model Rain Dove; both interviews highlight the various politics of embodiment, representation, and production that readers of TSQ's fashion section can expect to learn more about in issues to come.


There's so much to say about agender supermodel Rain Dove Dubilewski, since her fabulous splash onto the fashion runway at New York Fashion Week in 2014. For one,...

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