The author argues that trans* materialities are part of a trans*feminist politics of becoming-intersectional, which emphasizes the movement underlying identificatory processes. Articulating trans* as a dynamic movement of becoming-intersectional undermines both the normative construction of bounded categories and the identities that emerge from these processes, thereby allying trans*, feminist, and intersectional politics. Moreover, conceptualizing politics in this manner foregrounds the “categorical miscegenation” of both intersectional theorizing and trans* scholarship, and it contributes to ongoing conversations in both bodies of scholarship that are concerned with the ways in which categories operate politically. By highlighting the political stakes in the materialization of matter and the concomitant production of categories and identifications, a trans*feminist politics of becoming-intersectional foregrounds process over positionality and takes place at a fundamental level—at the level of materiality, where the ways in which matter materializes resonates politically.

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