The Eunuch Archive (EA) is an online community of individuals who identify as a eunuch or have strong interests in castration. The Eunuch Archive contains various discussion forums ranging from safe castration methods to the physical and psychological impact of androgen deprivation. The EA also contains fictional stories written by EA members, which potentially help both the authors and readers work through extreme castration ideations. “Eunuch” as a gender identity is not limited to the online world. There have been at least ten annual gatherings of EA members, as well as a growing acceptance of eunuchs throughout the world (though still minimal). Many countries are now beginning to offer a third gender as a valid gender identity. Preserving information on sites such as the EA along with other trans* dedicated materials can lead to better understanding of the development of gender identities and can also help individuals who desire emasculation but not necessarily feminization to better understand their gender identity and its history. Preserving the EA fills a gap in trans* archives that has previously been unexplored.

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