Where does it hurt? Everywhere . . .

Dreams of black water, no moon or stars, celestial compass missing.

Each day more offenses accumulate. We are frightened for our planet’s survival.

No protections for the sanctity of life: global destruction for a profit motive, lack of intention to disguise the plundering of our resources—human, environmental, and material. Will we recognize our country four years from now?

How many more bodies tossed on beaches and bombed into oblivion? How many lives lost, opportunities wasted?

Fruit withered in the groves, human hunger growing. The delusional man’s nightmare wall, the stuff of his dreams—now the tools of our master of destruction. (Is that his advanced degree?)

In action with others, strong bonds of community can create mass demonstrations and interventions when those who are vulnerable are threatened.

I think of the courage of the White Helmet...

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