They’re still debating whether or not
it was God revealing Himself that day
to the two fish cutters in the Catskills.
Mr. Luis Nivelo, a born-again Christian,
was lifting a live 20-pound carp
out of the box of iced-down fish
and was about to club it on the head
when it began to speak Hebrew.
The shock of a fish speaking Hebrew—
or any language, ancient or modern—
threw Luis against the wall and down
to the slimy wooden packing crates
that covered the cutting room floor.
He looked around to see if the voice
had come from the slop sink,
or the shop’s cat. But it had not.
So he ran to the front of the store,
screaming, “It’s the devil! The devil
is here and he’s speaking in tongues!”
blubbering and genuflecting
in front of his boss, Mr. Zalman Rosen,
a Hassid with eleven children.
“You meshugeneh!”...

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