Bringing about the conditions needed for a durable two­state deal would necessitate currently unthinkable shifts in some long­standing assumptions held by Israeli Jews. A deal sufficiently durable to withstand post­agreement pressure from Palestinian dissidents would need to include three components:

If a change in Israeli political consciousness great enough to accept such a deal is a necessary but unachievable prerequisite of a two­state solution, what can we hope and act to achieve? The reluctant conclusion offered by Michael Lerner in this issue of Tikkun — that we ought to replace policies guided by domination with strategies inspired by generosity — nosedives into the pool of well­meaning and impractical approaches to the Palestinian­Israeli dilemma.

A “one person, one vote” campaign could, as Lerner suggests, have as its goal pressuring Israel to negotiate a two­state deal, but that may be no easier than a campaign whose goal truly is one person,...

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