Election year is different from all other years.

Awash in propaganda from global profiteers, we’ll be sold magical individuals who’ll promise to restore our national identity and save our souls.

The media will invite progressives into the fray. They’ll goad us, for ratings’ sake: Do you love Obama? Hate him? Are your politics pure?

Keep your head together. Keep organizing to send people to the ballot box, and watch the voter rolls, absentee procedures, and election-night count. It’s our basic progressive value: Hear all voices! The GOP acts to suppress them.

Presidential elections decide war and peace. Few say it, but we must face it. The executive branch plans wars and asks Congress to vote when legislators are too cowed to say no. Millions in the streets can’t stop them then. Stop them now at the ballot box.

In 2000, the GOP stopped the Florida balance-of-power vote count, and...

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