For the past ten years, rabbis and other Jewish leaders have come from all over the world to the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, a retreat-based program in which they learn something new about Judaism, spirituality, and themselves. A key feature of these retreats is mindfulness meditation with Rabbi Sheila Weinberg, formerly a pulpit rabbi herself and a lifelong social justice activist. Weinberg has taught mindfulness meditation and yoga to over four hundred rabbis, cantors, educators, social activists, and lay leaders. She is a rabbi for rabbis. Many of her students, myself included, report that learning with her has transformed not only their work and teaching but also their own spiritual lives. In creating more authentic, creative, courageous leaders, Weinberg has been instrumental in bringing spiritual vitality and meaning to contemporary American Judaism.

What is it about Weinberg’s teachings that so deeply touch, inspire, and renew overworked, burned-out leaders?


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