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Journal Article
Theater (2012) 42 (2): 99–117.
Published: 01 May 2012
...Nick Salvato Nick Salvato examines the collision between “old” and “new” media staged by the actorless performance piece Bonanza , produced by German multimedia collective Berlin. © 2012 by Nick Salvato 2012 Berlin’s Bonanza, Marseille, 2010. Courtesy of Berlin Nick Salvato The New...
Journal Article
Theater (2009) 39 (2): 23–31.
Published: 01 May 2009
..., Alexandru Tocilescu, Gabor Tompa, Victor Ioan Frunza, and Alexander Hausvater as artistic “survivors” of the old regime, while Silviu Purcarete represents the present and future of Romanian theater. © 2009 by Yale School of Drama/Yale Repertory Theatre 2009 Cristina Modreanu The Old Road Rapidly...
Journal Article
Theater (1994) 25 (1): 111–113.
Published: 01 February 1994
...- filmic appropriation, Livingston’s Paris is stration a new style of dramatic writ- Burning. These writers cut through the thicket ing that can cut a path through the of academic discourse to reach those questions impasse of the old binary oppositions...
Journal Article
Theater (1976) 8 (1): 25–34.
Published: 01 February 1976
...James Hatch Copyright © by yale/theatre 1976 1976 Speak to Me in Those Old Words, You Know, Those La=LaWords, Those Tung-Tung Sounds (Some African Influences on the Afro American Theatre) James Hatch BZk Love Song #I by Kalmu Ya Salaam begins with a Black woman intoning...
Journal Article
Theater (1975) 7 (1): 77–91.
Published: 01 February 1975
...Stephen R. Lawson Copyright © by yale/theatre 1975 1975 The Old Vic to Vincennes: Interviews with Michael Kustow and Peter Brook Stephen R. Lawson Note: Since 1973, the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts...
Journal Article
Theater (2003) 33 (2): 65–91.
Published: 01 May 2003
...Nilo Cruz © 2003 by Yale School of Drama/Yale Repertory Theatre 2003 Momó (Nathan Barlow), his sister Fefé (Sonja Parks), and the angel (Gerald Drake) in A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, CTC, 2002. Photo: Rob Levine Nilo Cruz A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Adapted...
Journal Article
Theater (2003) 33 (3): 3–19.
Published: 01 November 2003
...Tom Sellar © 2003 by Yale School of Drama/Yale Repertory Theatre 2003 The Master and Margarita, directed by Krystian Lupa. Stary Teatr, Krakow, 2001 Tom Sellar Poland’s Old and New Masters Foundations The annihilation of Warsaw in 1944 was so total that, in some cases...
Journal Article
Theater (1969) 2 (2): 102–108.
Published: 01 May 1969
...Emmanuel Yirenchi Copyright © by yale/theatre 1969 1969 THE FIREFLY by Emmanuel Yirenchi Cast BOY (produces an amulet): Come with Girl me; I'II protect you. BOY Old...
Journal Article
Theater (2011) 41 (1): 59–73.
Published: 01 February 2011
...  doi 10.1215/01610775-2010-022 59 klim 1 Three men probably drank lots of beer last night, old actor not pissed awAy...
Journal Article
Theater (1976) 7 (3): 1nnaurato–20-innaurato.
Published: 01 November 1976
...Albert Innaurato Copyright © by yale/theatre 1976 1976 The Transfiguration of Denno Blimpie by Albert Innaurato A Play in Twelve Scenes CAST OF CHARACTERS SENNa, 500 pounds, about 20 AN OLD MAN, Berino's grandfather, about 70...
Journal Article
Theater (1978) 9 (2): 122–124.
Published: 01 May 1978
...George S. Kaufman; Morrie Ryskind Copyright © THEATER 1978 1978 Something New George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind An Announcer Comes Before the Curtain: (He stops) Old Man: Fifty years it is since first she gave...
Journal Article
Theater (1991) 22 (3): 58–62.
Published: 01 November 1991
... The first act presents aspects of the past, strikes six during the first conversatio present, and future in the characters of the play, and at the end of Act I, th the Old Man, who encourages the Servant informs the Young...
Journal Article
Theater (1978) 9 (3): 75–81.
Published: 01 November 1978
.... Yeats’ Purgutoq, a tale of an Old Man and his son, a Boy, takes place before a ruined house that had once been the dwelling...
Journal Article
Theater (1983) 14 (3): 77–82.
Published: 01 November 1983
... T-shirt and an old blue prairie skirt; her f’cct are bare; her toe nails are painted rcd. Eddy looks like a cowboy and he turns...
Journal Article
Theater (1975) 6 (3): 2–37.
Published: 01 November 1975
... 10 Suggestions 1. The following play is made up of 75 short plays. 2. Every character in every play is over 59 years old. 3. Three actors, three actresses, six performers in toto, will perform all of the plays, each of them assuming several different roles. 4...
Journal Article
Theater (1999) 29 (1): 54–80.
Published: 01 February 1999
... could- but mainly touch a special ceramic owl, or an old leadpipe. it was a way for him to socialize. Other things FOSTER gives awayforpee. If somebody came to him with an item Euch object at theyea market is numbered...
Journal Article
Theater (1992) 23 (1): 71–82.
Published: 01 February 1992
... and walked off down in the Cypress If people could have seen that it ain’t years old she got together with her Swamp. He stayed down yonder too. no telling what might have happened. antee - which some peoples say From that night on, anytime you’s Every now and then somebody...
Journal Article
Theater (1980) 12 (1): 65–71.
Published: 01 February 1980
... an ~ui~id~in Bb, the story of TW wit can be old overcoat, drinking a Coon, prowling 65 the kitchen like a caged coyote, and ques- Austin’s project and that Austin will instead every toaster...
Journal Article
Theater (1969) 2 (2): 58–84.
Published: 01 May 1969
... the paper. In the far KELLY: Leave it off. Leave it off. I don't left corner an old man sits motionless. A want no crap from those flunkey an- half empty beer glass rests on his table. nouncers. They got Jack and nobody is The time is about noon. The silence that bringing him back...
Journal Article
Theater (1988) 19 (2): 64–85.
Published: 01 May 1988
... resettled there. After I was not so cripple up then. It is good tain Apache stories, designed to ap- Florida . . . the prison camps. Old Nana. to see you again. (Shakes hands) pease, or deceive, spirits described he was still living then. Still wouldn’t STOLSKY: Well - Caracol? - Mr. in eke...