M. Lamar and Tucker Culbertson elaborate on M. Lamar’s aesthetics of Negrogothic cinema, music, and performance. The Negrogothic, explain the authors, is an approach to representation in which the black body verges on disappearance and the interior of the black psyche is revealed. M. Lamar’s multimedia artworks combine elements of horror, homoeroticism, s/m, Negro spirituals, opera, religious iconography, and ritual to subvert oppressive representations of the black male body. His work evades representations of “capture, containment, and capitalization” by conjuring a “holy theater” in which black consciousness becomes simultaneous with the whole history of black experience. In an attempt to disrupt the pornographic and objectifying imagination of white supremacy as its gazes on the black body, M. Lamar imagines the black body being transformed into more elusive materials: light, shadow, and voice.

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