Le Théâtre Repère was founded by the director Jacques Lessard in 1980 in Québec City. A theater of research, not a permanent acting troupe, Repère creates a special company of actors for each project it undertakes. Robert Lepage joined Lessard and Repère in 1983 and stayed until 1990 when he became, for three years, the Artistic Director of French Theater at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. His major projects with Repère have included The Dragons' Trilogy (1985), Polygraph (1988), Tectonic Plates (1990), and now The Shakespeare Cycle, consisting of Michel Garneau's tradaptations (translation-adaptations) of Coriolan/Coriolanus, Macbeth, and La tempête/The Tempest. After its premiere in Maubeuge, France, in October 1992, The Shakespeare Cycle toured to Paris, Frankfurt, Montréal, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Bremen; in autumn, 1993, it toured to France, Japan, and England. The scores were composed by Guy Laramée and interpreted by Louise Simard. Marie Brassard played Lady Macbeth, Ariel, and Virgilia; Anne-Marie Cadieux a Witch and a Lady in Macbeth, Caliban, and Volumnia.

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