THE MAESTRO IS TIRED. HE'S MILDLY ANNOYED that there's no air-conditioner in the car, but his Indian friends don't seem to notice. They are used to the heat.

They take him to a remote village, but the maestro is not impressed by the dances performed specially for him by the villagers. ‘Not enough flair,’ he comments. Then he buys a mask after checking the price with his guide: ‘Is that what you would pay for it?’ Reassured, he asks his favourite question: ‘What else are you going to show me?’

It is getting dark and everyone is tired — the maestro, his Indian hosts, and the driver who has spent eight hours at the wheel. When they reach another village, the maestro is guided to a rest house, which is actually no more than a room. He says, ‘Thank you very much,’ and shuts the door behind him.

The Indians are left staring at the door, wondering where they will sleep that night.

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