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The Philosophical Review (2015) 124 (4): 571–575.
Published: 01 October 2015
...Francisco J. Gonzalez Weiss Roslyn Philosophers in the “Republic”: Plato's Two Paradigms . Ithaca, NY : Cornell University Press , 2012 . xi +236 pp . © 2015 by Cornell University 2015 Given how much has already been written on Plato's Republic , it is certainly uncommon...
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The Philosophical Review (2017) 126 (2): 191–217.
Published: 01 April 2017
...Hongwoo Kwon There are close parallels between Frank Jackson's case of black-and-white Mary and David Lewis's case of the two omniscient gods. This essay develops and defends what may be called “the ability hypothesis” about the knowledge that the gods lack, by adapting Lewis's ability hypothesis...
Journal Article
The Philosophical Review (2011) 120 (2): 285–320.
Published: 01 April 2011
... on earlier drafts of this article and to two anonymous referees for their suggestions. Thanks also to Alison Simmons, Jeff McDonough again, and the other members of a seminar on Leibniz's metaphysics at Harvard University in the spring of 2010, for discussion of Garber's book. Adams, Robert. 1994...
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The Philosophical Review (2008) 117 (3): 448–451.
Published: 01 July 2008
...Simon Căbulea May Jiwei Ci, The Two Faces of Justice . Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2006. viii + 252 pp. Cornell University 2008 xxx pr08-004 June 10, 2008 10:56 BOOK REVIEWS Mark Eli Kalderon, Moral...
Journal Article
The Philosophical Review (2008) 117 (4): 637–639.
Published: 01 October 2008
...Peter Sutton Manuel García-Carpintero and Josep Macià, eds., Two-Dimensional Semantics . Oxford: Clarendon, 2006. 355 pp. © 2008 by Cornell University 2008 xxx prjuly2008-04 October 21, 2008 11:39 BOOK REVIEWS Daniel...
Journal Article
The Philosophical Review (2009) 118 (3): 351–374.
Published: 01 July 2009
... occupies the second position in the hierarchy on account of his or her concern for the opinions of others. Cornell University 2009 Plato’s Two Forms of Second-Best Morality James Wilberding Newcastle University, England, UK Fame...
Journal Article
The Philosophical Review (2001) 110 (3): 361–396.
Published: 01 July 2001
... Hopkins Press. Hall, N. 2000 . “Causation and the Price of Transitivity.” Journal of Philosophy 97 : 198 -222. ____. Forthcoming. “Two Concepts of Causation.” In Collins, Hall, and Paul forthcoming. Hesslow, G. 1976 . “Discussion: Two Notes on the Probabilistic Approach to Causality...
Journal Article
The Philosophical Review (2005) 114 (3): 297–326.
Published: 01 July 2005
.... Crossley, John N., and Lloyd Humberstone. 1977 . The Logic of `Actually'. Reports on Mathematical Logic 8 : 11 -29. Davies, Martin, and Lloyd Humberstone. 1980 . Two Notions of Necessity. Philosophical Studies 38 : 1 -30. Divers, John. 1999 . A Genuine Realist Theory of Advanced Modalizing...
Journal Article
The Philosophical Review (2007) 116 (2): 251–266.
Published: 01 April 2007
...Robert Stalnaker Cornell University 2007 Critical Notice of Scott Soames’s Case against Two-Dimensionalism Robert Stalnaker Massachusetts Institute of Technology This rich and stimulating book1 gives both a clear...
Published: 01 October 2022
Figure 1. Abstracting the two-element graph. More
Published: 01 July 2023
Figure 9. Two groups are presented with arguments favoring q ; red group never scrutinizes, while blue group always does. Top left: 0 % chance of finding flaw if there is one; full blue polarization. Top right: 100 % chance of finding flaw if there is one; no blue polarization More
Published: 01 July 2018
Figure 1   Two DAGs with and without an intervention on the cause C . The arrows leading into C (dotted) are disrupted by the intervention, the intervention itself is represented by a dashed arrow. More
Journal Article
The Philosophical Review (2011) 120 (2): 207–245.
Published: 01 April 2011
... of disagreement, there are two main competing rules offered for belief-revision in the face of peer disagreement: maintaining your existing opinion, or meeting halfway. This article investigates the comparative reliability of these two rules using two measures of reliability for degrees of belief, calibration...
Journal Article
The Philosophical Review (2012) 121 (4): 483–538.
Published: 01 October 2012
..., with respect to objective causation. The essay begins with Newcomb problems, which turn on an apparent tension between two principles of choice: roughly, a principle sensitive to the causal features of the relevant situation, and a principle sensitive only to evidential factors. Two-boxers give priority...
Journal Article
The Philosophical Review (2017) 126 (4): 421–479.
Published: 01 October 2017
...Franz Dietrich; Christian List This essay presents a new “reason-based” approach to the formal representation of moral theories, drawing on recent decision-theoretic work. It shows that any moral theory within a very large class can be represented in terms of two parameters: (i) a specification...
Journal Article
The Philosophical Review (2016) 125 (2): 155–204.
Published: 01 April 2016
...Anat Schechtman Descartes notoriously characterizes substance in two ways: first, as an ultimate subject of properties (that is, a subject in which properties inhere without itself inhering in anything); second, as an independent entity. The characterizations have appeared to many to diverge...
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The Philosophical Review (2018) 127 (4): 433–485.
Published: 01 October 2018
... that being possibly thus-and-so (in the epistemic sense of ‘possibly’) is not a trait that an object has in and of itself, but one that an object possesses only relative to a way of thinking of the domain of quantification. I consider two theories that implement this insight: a static version of counterpart...
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The Philosophical Review (2013) 122 (2): 155–187.
Published: 01 April 2013
... in the intellect of God. Although other early moderns agreed that modal truths are in some way dependent on God, there were sharp disagreements surrounding two distinct questions: (1) On what in God do modal truths and modal truth-makers depend? (2) What is the manner(s) of dependence by which modal truths...
Journal Article
The Philosophical Review (2015) 124 (1): 1–58.
Published: 01 January 2015
....” The traditional interpretation regards the distinction between the two notions as reflecting a distinction between indeterminate space and determinations of space by the understanding, respectively. By contrast, a recent influential reading has argued that the two notions can be fused into one and that space...
Journal Article
The Philosophical Review (2014) 123 (2): 205–229.
Published: 01 April 2014
...Chiwook Won The overdetermination problem has long been raised as a challenge to nonreductive physicalism. Nonreductive physicalists have, in various ways, tried to resolve the problem through appeal to counterfactuals. This essay does two things. First, it takes up the question whether...
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