Perfect being theology recommends a modal conception of God: God is the greatest conceivable being; or God is the greatest possible being; or God is the greatest actual being.

Focus on the version of perfect being theology which says that God is the greatest possible being: ([ ∀ x:x ≠ God] [ ∀ w ∈ W] (Godα > xw)). According to Speaks, this alethic perfect being theology has the following commitments:

  • (1) It takes the concept of God to be the concept of the greatest possible being.

  • (2) It supposes that the meaning of the word “God” has some intimate connection to the description “the greatest possible being”.

  • (3) It maintains that the divine attributes—the properties of God—can be derived from the concept of God.

  • (4) It supports “the perfect being defense” against atheistic arguments for the impossibility of instantiation of what are widely taken to be...

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