Jago's latest monograph argues for the following key thesis: the property Being true is identical to the property Having a truthmaker. The book splits into four parts.

Part 1 covers the nature of truth. Jago argues for a univocal theory of substantial truth, arguing against deflationism and pluralism. The meat of this part is in favor of orthodox truthmaking theory. Orthodoxy goes beyond saying that what is true depends on what the world's like; orthodoxy further says that every true proposition stands in a “truthmaking” relation to a state of affairs (and that every such state of affairs necessitates that relation). As Jago notes, while there's a surfeit of orthodox truthmaker theorists, there's a dearth of arguments for orthodox truthmaking. His contribution to the debate, then, is an excellent addition to the bank of otherwise scarce arguments.

In favor of there being a truthmaking relation, with states of affairs...

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