Duncan Pritchard seeks the “holy grail of epistemology”; he thinks epistemological disjunctivism just might be it. The grail is an approach to perception that satisfies key motivations for both internalism and externalism: externalists emphasize an objective connection between justification and truth, while internalists maintain that subjects have reflective access to the justification for their beliefs. The holy grail would be a correct theory that satisfies both claims, and Pritchard suggests that disjunctivism just might be that grail. The view he defends is:

Epistemological Disjunctivism: The Core Thesis

In paradigmatic cases of perceptual knowledge an agent, S, has perceptual knowledge that φ in virtue of being in possession of rational support, R, for her belief that φ which is both factive (i.e., R's obtaining entails φ) and reflectively accessible to S. (13)

As the parenthetical gloss intimates, Pritchard supposes that...

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