Errata for Christian Onof and Dennis Schulting, “Space as Form of Intuition and as Formal Intuition: On the Note to B160 in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.” Philosophical Review 124 (2015): 1–58.

On page 3, section 1, in the quotation from B160n, the last five lines of the quoted text should read:

…space and time first become possible. For since through it [that is, through synthesis] (in that the understanding determines the sensibility) space or time are first given as intuitions, the unity of this a priori intuition belongs to space and time, and not to the concept of the understanding (§24). (translation amended)3

In the list of references, page 55, the reference to Hanna, R. (2011) should be:

———. 2011. “Kant's Non-Conceptualism, Rogue Objects, and The Gap in the B Deduction.” International Journal of Philosophical Studies 19, no. 3: 399–415.

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