Thematically speaking, this theoretical article draws on Vilém Flusser’s work on dialogue, the apparatus, and functionalism and Gilles Deleuze’s work on control societies, cybernetic machines, and lines of flight to problematize creativity. While promoting creativity, autocreativity, metacreativity, and ludic creativity, it also cautions against the co-optation of creativity and metacreativity by apparatuses or cybernetic systems. It argues for the rejuvenation of self and world alike and calls for a minor sensibility (in a Deleuzean sense), a collective ethical awakening, and a shift toward an ecocivilization. There is an irreducible East Asian and an important interological dimension to the article. At a formal level, the article is meant as a textual body without organs (BwO) or a Taiji- (Tai chi-) style text, which privileges the flow of textual energy over structural clarity and classicality. As such, the reader is invited to go with the flow.

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