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Submission Guidelines

The South Atlantic Quarterly uses an all-special-issue, guest-edited format that precludes the submission of unsolicited manuscripts. It does not use a blinded peer-review process, but its two-tiered review process is roughly equivalent. All issues of the journal are organized by guest editors, who solicit contributions from established scholars whose work they know. Once authors submit their essays, it is the responsibility of the guest editor(s) to review the text and return to the author for revisions. Revised essays are subsequently submitted to the general editor, who again suggests revisions if necessary. At both points in the review process, the special-issue editor(s) and the general editor must reject essays whose quality is below the standards of the journal. All essays should conform to the style guidelines in The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed., and the SAQ style guide.

SAQ Call for Proposals “Against the Day”
SAQ is accepting proposals for “Against the Day” dossiers. Dossiers should focus on a contemporary social or political struggle. Recent topics have included clashes over citizenship laws in India; protests since 2019 in Lebanon; and the gilets jaunes (yellow vests) movement in France. See to read the most recent “Against the Day.” Funds are available to translate original essays not written in English.

Special-issue editors are responsible for soliciting essays, working with authors, editing the texts, and assuring that deadlines and word counts are met.

Proposals should include a description of the concept or theme that organizes the issue (roughly 200 words) plus names of potential authors with very brief bios. Please indicate whether authors have already been contacted. Please propose, too, a date by which the complete, edited collection can feasibly be submitted.

Dossiers are composed of 15,000 words total. This is often configured as three 4,000-word essays plus an introduction, but editors are free to configure differently the number and length of essays.

Please send proposals to


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