Through an exposition of three key reactions to the growing pull of electoral phenomena in Argentina, Grupo Acontecimiento gives itself the challenge of answering the question of how it might be possible to operate politically within a space where political action is continually forced to remain exterior to the options that are presented to us on a daily basis, but where there is also the desire to invent a new political radicalism in the here and now—rupturing the given order of the contemporary neoliberal dispositif. By analyzing the positions of “indefinite postponement” and its underlying support in the logic of the “lesser evil,” the permanent rejection of the ultimately inadequate politics of “being against,” as well as that of an emerging and promising third position of an Other politics, Grupo Acontecimiento attempts to show that it is possible to remain faithful to a set of strong and clear principles for political action that distances us from the shell of politics in the electoral arena while simultaneously engaging in and affirming a new politics of emancipation.

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