“Season of Migration to the Right” presents three important critiques of al-Khatim Adlan's call for the dissolution of the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP). Dissecting the main constructs on which this call was built, Sidgi Kaballo sets out to bring to light the shortcomings of Adlan's arguments around the working class and democratic centralism. Adlan's discounting of the SCP's individuality and his ideas on Marxist-Leninist thought are critiqued by Kaballo as major flaws. To this day, the SCP is solidifying its indefatigable efforts to institutionalize democracy as a major political principle among the workers, the youth, and women among all segments of Sudanese society. The SCP's strong presence politically is testimony to its enduring appeal. This appeal is proof of the weakness of Adlan's argument for the SCP's dissolution, which would hold the Sudanese people hostage to right-wing politics and conservatism.

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