In this critical essay on the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP), the late philosopher and former SCP member al-Khatim Adlan maps out the multiple histories of the efforts of Sudanese Marxists to transform the SCP into a massive social and populist movement at the national level. Drawing on Abdel Khaliq Mahgoub's powerful articulations of Marxism, political economy, leadership, and labor theories, Adlan addresses the rich experiences of the SCP in its relentless efforts at beating the odds of conservative politics. His misgivings about the SCP at the time of his resignation embody the spirit of critical debate among Sudanese Marxists in relation to principles of democratic centralism, the role of intellectuals, and the linkages of theory to praxis that they helped to create. Adlan also thoroughly analyzes the principles and mechanisms surrounding the fundamental premises for revamping the SCP.

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