Recent years have brought substantial changes in the conditions that motivate and frame the work of Africana philosophy. Racist domination has largely given way to racialized hegemony; formal colonization has largely given way to neoliberal trade, aid, and debt regimes; and towering revolutionaries and reformers continue to give way to younger generations of politicians, scholars, artists, and activists. In light of these and other developments, it is important to ask about the future of Africana philosophy. More precisely, in light of the ideological, discursive, and methodological variety in the field, and the variety of issues that Africana peoples face around the world, it is important to think about some futures for Africana philosophy. I propose to think here about one, by examining some recent developments in and near Africana analytic philosophy. I will focus specifically on work by Bernard Boxill, Tommie Shelby, Cathy Cohen, and Michael Dawson.

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