Free Time is a collection of collaboratively written experimental prose fragments on topics primarily involving labor and leisure. The form of the project (Denkbilder) is taken from Walter Benjamin and Theodor Adorno. Included in this selection is a theorization of the form (“Denkbild Denkbild”). A Denkbild can range from an aphoristic fragment to a mini-essay. Although these Denkbilder experiment with critical form and challenge conventional modes of academic writing, they continue to follow conventional scholarly citation procedures. The neologism chronotistics is meant to describe practices and ideologies of time management and expenditure. Topics discussed in the cycle range from the vocabularies of temporality (“Time Consuming” and “Killing Time”) to discussions of gender and labor (“Mars and Venus in the Workplace”) to time spent viewing Internet pornography (“Polymorphous Pornygamy”). Inspired by the Frankfurt school and by the late work of Michel Foucault, these Denkbilder attempt to update and expand an interdisciplinary approach to questions of ideology critique and practices of the self.

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