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Journal Article
Small Axe (2008) 12 (3 (27)): 142–150.
Published: 01 October 2008
... features the art of Duval Carrié, whose oeuvre moves beyond the simply, flat, “primitive” styles associated with Haitian art to idiosyncratic installations, paintings, and sculptures that speak to the powerful visual and cultural elements of contemporary Haitian art. ©2008 Small Axe Incorporated. All...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2008) 12 (3 (27)): 151–164.
Published: 01 October 2008
...LeGrace Benson With his painting and sculpture, Duval Carrié creates mise-en-scène in which viewers become vicarious participants in four acts of the transatlantic drama of violation of sovereignties and identities: act 1, the destruction of the Caribbean environment and its indigenous people; act...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2008) 12 (3 (27)): 165–174.
Published: 01 October 2008
...Edward J. Sullivan This essay revisits the arguments in Continental Shifts: The Art of Edouard Duval Carrié . The book's editor looks at how the volume (a mid-career survey of the Haitian artist) was conceived and at its contributions to the study of modern Haitian art and visuality. The author...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2007) 11 (2): 34–45.
Published: 01 June 2007
...Edouard Duval Carrié Small Axe Incorporated 2007 Life in the North Caribbean Edouard Duval Carrié It’s a long and quite complicated story, that of Haiti, and my place in it. In my case and in that of my island nation the motto is how do we avert tragedy when in a whirlwind...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2015) 19 (3 (48)): 102–120.
Published: 01 November 2015
...Carrie Noland After the death of Aimé Césaire in 2008, several Martinican writers published homages to the poet/statesman, indicating thereby their own place in the legacy he established. This essay studies one such homage, Patrick Chamoiseau's Césaire, Perse, Glissant: Les liaisons magnétiques, un...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2012) 16 (1 (37)): 119–143.
Published: 01 March 2012
... redeployment of this genre in Edouard Duval-Carrié's Mardi Gras at Fort Dimanche (1992) and Ebony G. Patterson's Entourage (2010). As metapictures (following W. J. T. Mitchell), Duval-Carrié and Patterson's art detonate the expectation of stillness attached to genre. Instead, these works challenge, illuminate...
Published: 01 July 2020
Figure 1 Participants in the Survivor Empowerment March, wearing the designated purple and white colors and carrying signs showing open mouth. 11 March 2017, Kingston, Jamaica. Photograph courtesy of Taitu Heron, Tambourine Army. Figure 1. Participants in the Survivor Empowerment March, wearing More
Journal Article
Small Axe (2018) 22 (1 (55)): 115–125.
Published: 01 March 2018
... the perspective of a bird circling above Martinique. The essay claims that the regime of visibility is closely connected to the real, while carrying an almost mythic coefficient. It is precisely this double, paradoxical, capacity of the visual that will appear in full force in the novel, taking identity politics...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2018) 22 (2 (56)): 1–17.
Published: 01 July 2018
... societies. Hopkinson utilizes more explicitly sciencefictional tropes of extraplanetary colonization and cybernetics to explore how technologies carry the potential to serve both (neo) colonial and anticolonial ends. Midnight Robber demonstrates how colonial and anticolonial notions of “progress” similarly...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2013) 17 (3 (42)): 100–112.
Published: 01 November 2013
... etymological meaning, “to carry across.” The first section maps the movement of one concept, the rhizome, as it travels between and beyond the work of Glissant and that of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. The rhizome's travels reveal an uneven political economy of scholarly influence. The second section...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2014) 18 (1 (43)): 7–21.
Published: 01 March 2014
...Lara Putnam This essay assesses recent scholarship on Caribbean borderlands and Caribbean migrations in the century after emancipation. Despite the wealth of scholarly contributions, collective knowledge has been radically limited. Centralized migratory flows that carried (usually male) workers...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2015) 19 (2 (47)): 29–55.
Published: 01 July 2015
...Michael Eldridge Just after World War II, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation hired the Trinidadian calypsonian Lord Caresser to host a weekly program airing on its nationwide network and its fledgling International Service. His engagement, this essay argues, had less to do with “carry[ing...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2010) 14 (2 (32)): 56–82.
Published: 01 July 2010
...Raphael Dalleo It has become commonplace to acknowledge that alongside the development of a powerful labor movement and the nation's first political party, Jamaica's literature came into its own during the 1930s and 1940s. This article explores how the different kind of work carried out in two...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2011) 15 (3 (36)): 134–154.
Published: 01 November 2011
.... Cosentino particularly focuses on the paintings of Edouard Duval-Carrié, the bricolage of Pierrot Barra and Marie Cassaise, the beaded tableaux of Rudy Azor and Myrlande Constant, and the postapocalyptic sculptures of a collective of contemporary Haitian artists who call themselves Atis rezistans. © Small...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2008) 12 (3 (27)): 94–104.
Published: 01 October 2008
... the past two decades, situating developments in their socioeconomic and political context and considering them in relation to the international art trade. Central to the study is the work of Mario Benjamin, Maxence Denis, and Edouard Duval Carrié, but sections of the article are also devoted to women...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2005) 9 (2): 109–123.
Published: 01 September 2005
...Carl Hermann Middelanis Small Axe Incorporated 2005 Blending with Motifs and Colors: Haitian History Interpreted by Édouard Duval Carrié Carl Hermann Middelanis o discover traces of historical painting in Haiti, you would have to visit either the Haitian Museum of National...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2009) 13 (1): 112–134.
Published: 01 March 2009
... from using them.” “But Bogle carried a cutlass, he killed the Custos with a cutlass, all the books say that.” “Yes Bogle him carry cutlass.” “And the men of Stony Gut carried cutlass too?” 7 Manley had been trained abroad at various art institutions in England, and her...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2010) 14 (2 (32)): vii–viii.
Published: 01 July 2010
... WynterHall LewisHillShepherdMintz BrathwaitePouchet LammingRohlehrBaughCobham DuvalDanticatWarner‑LewisEdmondson Dash Carrié Paquet Associate Editors Editorial Assistant Anthony Bogues Christine Pinnock Nadi Edwards Annie Paul Production...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2009) 13 (2): 39–56.
Published: 01 July 2009
... in Brazil, Liv Sovik argues that although light skin and European features allow movement, lower barriers, and carry with them a certain authority, a dark-skinned individual of higher social class can also enjoy the same benefits. For Sovik, being white in Brazil does not require exclusively...
Journal Article
Small Axe (2010) 14 (2 (32)): 118–129.
Published: 01 July 2010
... and parched earth. I give you thanks for stooping to Brillo polish her silver tombstone so we see ourselves in the sheen. I give you thanks for carrying the red dirt from all these graves into your...