Shannon Alonzo (whose work also appears on the cover of this issue) is a Trinidad and Tobagoborn interdisciplinary artist focusing primarily on drawing, soft sculpture, and performance. Her practice explores themes of collective belonging, place attachment, and the significance of carnival ritual to the Caribbean consciousness. She holds a BA from London College of Fashion and an MRes Creative Practice from the University of Westminster.

Markus Balkenhol is an anthropologist based at the Meertens Institute, Amsterdam. He works on issues of colonialism, race, citizenship, cultural heritage, and religion. He is the author of Tracing Slavery: The Politics of Atlantic Memory in the Netherlands (2021) and the coeditor (with Ernst van den Hemel and Irene Stengs) of The Secular Sacred: Emotions of Belonging and the Perils of Nation and Religion (2020).

Olívia Maria Gomes Da Cunha is professor of anthropology in the...

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