What is the relationship of the natural world to memory, personal and cultural? How does nature create memorials for the large and subtle histories that occurred? The sea, the land, and the flora all play a role. Echoing the dichotomy of the Caribbean landscape, the vital foliage cloaks the soil that nurtures and buries our histories.

In my narratives I hope to create a seasonal memorial. Cycles of memory that are embedded in weather patterns and seasons. A young girl who is both ancestor and descendant. Her journey begins inland, and she makes her way to shore only to return to the center. Her impulse is to perform this ritual as a form of (re)membering what was lost/taken/forgotten. Traveling across (in)visible boundaries toward the shore.

The shore represents the edges of the land,

the transitional space of departure and arrival.
The flowers, metaphors for both the wounds of history

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