Nathalie Batraville is a postdoctoral fellow with the Society of Fellows at Dartmouth College. She researches cultural formations and history, with a focus on black feminist and queer theory, race, class, and anticolonialism. Her new project theorizes black feminisms across the French Atlantic. She is also working on a monograph that explores how artists, intellectuals, and militants in Haiti during the 1960s conceptualized black liberation and revolution while struggling against global capitalism under the US-backed regime of François Duvalier.

Celia Britton is Emeritus Professor at University College London. She has published widely on French Caribbean writers. Her books include Édouard Glissant and Postcolonial Theory: Strategies of Language and Resistance (1999), The Sense of Community in French Caribbean Fiction (2011), and Language and Literary Form in French Caribbean Writing (2014). She is a fellow of the British Academy.

Dominique Chancé has been professor of literature...

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