Work on Sargasso as an independent journal of Caribbean literature, language, and culture began at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) in 1983. After a successful, but not uncomplicated, launching of its first issue in 1984, the journal received support and contributions from important anglophone Caribbean figures such as Kamau Brathwaite, George Lamming, Gordon K. Lewis, and Lorna Goodison. Major Puerto Rican writers such as Luis Rafael Sánchez, Pedro Juan Soto, and Ana Lydia Vega were featured in early issues as well. After publishing nine issues in a bound letter-page format, Sargasso 10 displayed the six-by-nine-inch, glossy-cover format it has since maintained. It became the official journal of the university's new PhD program in Caribbean literature and linguistics in 2000. Sargasso maintains its intercultural, interdisciplinary, and multilingual focus on Caribbean creativity and culture, and it stands as one of the premier journals at the University of Puerto Rico.

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