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Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 October 1991) 1991 (51): 132–137.
Published: 01 October 1991
.... The Politics of Spectacle: British Suffragist Art Lisa DiCaprio Lisa Tickner, The Spectacle of Women: Imagery of the Suffrage Campaign 1907- 1924. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1988. On 26 September 1913 a bespectacled reptile, with the...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 May 1996) 1996 (65): 179–180.
Published: 01 May 1996
... coordinates the oral history program in the department of history at California State University, Long Beach, and teaches women’s studies. She began her work in oral history in 1972, interviewing U.S. suffragists and trade union activists. Her publications include: From Parlor to Prison; Rosie the...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 October 1994) 1994 (60): 209–211.
Published: 01 October 1994
... selected radicals-that is, independence fighters, laborists, suffragists, socialists, feminists, paci- fists, environmentalists, and campaigners for social justice and the rights of the oppressed-who have served as the prophetic memory of American democratic life. Each participant has...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 October 1979) 1979 (21): 225–247.
Published: 01 October 1979
... promote cooperative housekeeping. She was a prominent Boston suffragist and member of the WCTU who had taken the anti-Peirce view on various C Figure 4. Diagrammatic plan of residential neighborhood (C);thirty-six kit...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 October 1994) 1994 (60): 1–3.
Published: 01 October 1994
... through the "spectacle of women'' was most evident in the suffrage campaign, which is nor- mally viewed as a mainly political event. The campaign provided "a dazzling display of diversity" amongst suffragists who took to the streets with their banners, and who were represented in posters and...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 January 1991) 1991 (49): 61–84.
Published: 01 January 1991
... was a stock- broker and a communist, a woman suffragist and a free lover. In 70 \RADICAL HISTORY REVIEW short, she violated all of the oppositions on which Gilded Age culture was premised. Sachs celebrated Woodhull's "healthy emticism," and her resistance to the enforcers of Victorian...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 October 1982) 1982 (26): 132–139.
Published: 01 October 1982
... on the sexual hierarchy and the whole sex/gender system were as subversive as attacks on the class system in the long-term goal of ending domination. Suffragists of the early twentieth century were, indeed, too conservative, but it is as much because they were not feminist enough as because...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 January 1998) 1998 (70): 156–168.
Published: 01 January 1998
... some women peace activists and suffragists did work with the peace conference in Paris rather than join their sisters in Zurich. McKillen‘s careful study of the Chicago labor movement’s rela- tion to foreign policy issues in the World War I era provides a model for such innovative work...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 October 2004) 2004 (90): 151–154.
Published: 01 October 2004
.... In that context, the NEH’s glossy brochure advertising the new program is surely meant to provide reassurance to worried academics. To be sure, the iconog- raphy features George Washington, but it also includes parading women’s suffragists and a photo from...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 May 1991) 1991 (50): 191–203.
Published: 01 May 1991
... NWTUL turned to the virgin-goddess Minerva as protector of the wage-earning mother, so suffragists drew upon the herald amidst the sun- burst (a symbol also embraced by the GFWC), the classically draped heroic angel, the goddess of liberty and justice, symbol- ized by NWP activist Inez...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 October 1991) 1991 (51): 107–113.
Published: 01 October 1991
... 1910. Affluent suffragists early realized the potential of the car for political tours. However, men had staked out the car culture as theirs at an early date. Sexist women-driver jokes began to appear in newspapers during World War I. The American Automobile Association excluded women...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 May 1984) 1984 (28-30): 502–510.
Published: 01 May 1984
... democratic tradi- tion, with roots at least as far back as the Transcendentalists, and manifestations as diverse as the muckrakers, the Wobblies, and the suffragists. A slender but impressive line of independent leftists and anarcho-pacifists (many of them connected with Polifics maga- zine around...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 January 1996) 1996 (64): 105–112.
Published: 01 January 1996
... (cloth19.95 (paper). With all the progress that has been made in reconstructing the histo- ry of women’s experience over the twentieth century, we know much more about the evolving political and social lives of middle- class women than of their working-class counterparts. The suffragist of the...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 October 1995) 1995 (63): 151–158.
Published: 01 October 1995
...-dramatist-archeologist. We also learn from this drama that the militant tactics usually associated with Leninist and anarchist groups were inspired in this case by a suffragist, shedding new light on feminist activism and showing the connection between feminists, the shop stewards move...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 January 2002) 2002 (82): 191–207.
Published: 01 January 2002
... order, an episode that horrified woman suffragists opposing U.S. intervention, like Alice Stone Blackwell, editor of the Woman’s Journal. Such women’s view that this war reflected male values, aptly mirrored jingoists’ conflation of manliness and militarism in their insistence that the United States...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 October 1998) 1998 (72): 163–174.
Published: 01 October 1998
... circulated in feminist circles in Britain. However, Burton’s further point is that British women’s imperial responsibility for their Indian sisters became the grounds on which middle-class British feminists staked their own claims to the rights of citizenship in the British nation. Suffragists...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 May 1998) 1998 (71): 196–206.
Published: 01 May 1998
... with the legislative battles of suffragists, temperance reformers, and prohibitionists. Female antivivisectionists challenged the institutional prerogatives of male rationality and reason as unnatural, and characterized male scientists as ”little [boys] who never grew up” and who consequent...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 October 1996) 1996 (66): 5–38.
Published: 01 October 1996
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 January 1992) 1992 (52): 79–94.
Published: 01 January 1992
... the suffragist newspaper, La Citoyenne; in 1888 the first or- ganization calling itself "feminist" was founded; in 1892 a "feminist" congress was convened; by middecade the term was widely used by antagonists and protagonists alike. If then we were to follow Nancy COWS suggestion that we...
Journal Article
Radical History Review (1 October 1994) 1994 (60): 39–56.
Published: 01 October 1994
... local levels?6 Concurrently, Patricia Hollis claims, suffrage activists also shared much with their philanthropic predecessors and contemporaries, believing that ”politics needed a womanly perspective.. Suffragists, however, held a ”greater respect for the formal power of the By the...