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Journal Article
Qui Parle (2010) 19 (1): 153–180.
Published: 01 June 2010
..., but it is the theater that I will be discussing, for reasons I’ll hope to make clear. It’s also, despite the broad strokes and the troublingly common circumstances it de- scribes, a specifi cally early-modern scene that I intend. Consider this a primarily disciplinary observation. It concerns the way in which...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2012) 21 (1): 203–234.
Published: 01 June 2012
... and music theater, concentrating on the specifi c questions raised by the staging of the voice. This integrative vision was realized in Ta Opera Zuta’s 2011 performance of the opera, which can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube at httpyoutu.be/l2bIXCoFQUg. Thanks to European American Music...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2015) 23 (2): 29–54.
Published: 01 December 2015
... structure. This is already the case in traditional theatrical perfor- mances, but as theater scholars such as Erika Fischer- Lichte26 and Hans- Thies Lehmann27 have demonstrated in various contexts, it has taken on a new quality since the 1960s. Less and less frequently...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2003) 13 (2): 19–51.
Published: 01 December 2003
... the vocabulary of Hi- jikata's early butoh, in part through his relation with Shibusawa. While he associated closely with important artists of the early Japanese avant-garde, Hijikata deeply distrusted events like con- temporary "happenings" and realistic psychological theater [shin- geki...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2011) 20 (1): 207–218.
Published: 01 June 2011
...V. Kaladharan Copyright © 2011 Qui Parle 2011 From Meditative Learning to Impersonal Pedagogy Refl ections on the Transformation of an Indian Gurukula v. kaladharan For centuries, highly evolved Indian art forms like kathakali dance- theater and kutiyattam theater were fostered...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2017) 26 (1): 5–18.
Published: 01 June 2017
... , translated into English as “strike” or “punch.” 5. “La critique est la mortification des oeuvres.” Benjamin , The Origin of German Tragic Drama , 182. 6. Heidegger , Contributions to Philosophy , 208. 7. Artaud , The Theater and Its Double , 30. 8. Artaud, The Theater...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2017) 26 (2): 423–490.
Published: 01 December 2017
... life out “nothing.” Since 2011 the Belarus Free Theater, which I discussed in the beginning, has been working out of London. Not being able to perform what they wanted in their native Minsk, the actors preferred to join the list of all those who were born in Belarus but could make themselves prominent...
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Journal Article
Qui Parle (2003) 13 (2): 223–225.
Published: 01 December 2003
... Languages (Japanese) at the University of California, Berkeley. Her book Fault Lines: Cultural Memory and Japanese Surrealism was released by Stanford University Press in 2001. She is currently at work on a book about Japanese Theater and Performance...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2012) 21 (1): 85–105.
Published: 01 June 2012
... of the “marvelous.” In the literature on French early modern opera, the marvelous has largely been framed in terms of its relationship to the precepts of “classical” theater. While in the spoken tragedy— Racine’s Phèdre (1677), for instance—the supersensible realm is banned from the stage...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2020) 29 (1): 203–215.
Published: 01 June 2020
... . Kappelhoff Hermann . Matrix der Gefühle: Das Kino, das Melodrama und das Theater der Empfindsamkeit . Berlin : Vorwerk , 2004 . Koschorke Albrecht . Fact and Fiction: Elements of a General Theory of Narrative , translated by Golb Joel . Berlin : de Gruyter , 2018 . Koschorke...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2022) 31 (2): 339–344.
Published: 01 December 2022
... of deconstruction that comes from North America. In the American universities and the many different political theaters, “theorization” in the American sense and deconstruction came together and pried open received systems of regularities—gender, nationality, constitutionality, migration, and, above all, racisms...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2014) 22 (2): 101–122.
Published: 01 December 2014
..., they cease to be associated. In this way, the masses appear some- what animal. Striking a familiar note, Tarde goes on to write: “On dit: le pub- lic d’un théâtre, le public d’une assemblée quelconque ; ici, pub- lic signifi e foule” [“When we say: a theater audience (public), or the audience...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2016) 25 (1-2): 221–232.
Published: 01 December 2016
... that respects distances” (17). These readings of prefaces, letters, journals, and verses aim beyond description— weighing, testing, and trying their texts as if they were habitable spaces or “theaters.” In this way, de Certeau issues a dual challenge to the canonization of texts...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2010) 18 (2): 333–334.
Published: 01 December 2010
... Copyright © 2010 Qui Parle 2010 Books Received Antoine Berman, Toward a Translation Criticism: John Donne, trans. and ed. Françoise Massardier-Kenney (Kent, OH: Kent State University Press, 2009). William Egginton, The Theater of Truth: The Ideology of (Neo)baroque...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2014) 23 (1): 287–290.
Published: 01 June 2014
... at the Goethe Uni- versität Frankfurt am Main Department in the Formation of Nor- mative Orders Excellence Cluster. His books in English include The Sovereignty of Art: Aesthetic Negativity after Adorno and Derrida (1998); Refl ections of Equality (2006); Tragic Play: Tragedy. Irony and Theater from...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2000) 12 (1): 205–208.
Published: 01 June 2000
... Copyright © 2000 Qui Parle 2000 BOOKS RECEIVED Bruce Ackerman, The Stakeholder Society (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000). Alan L. Ackerman Jr., The Portable Theater: American Literature and the Nineteenth-Century Stage (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2001) 13 (1): 137–156.
Published: 01 June 2001
... when he begins to frequent movie houses, where he is infected with the virus of speed: In the dark theater, amid the smooching couples and the DRIVEN 149 comforting rattle of the projector, Bernard...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2007) 16 (2): 133–145.
Published: 01 December 2007
... of effectively addressing the contingent, multiva- Qui Parle, Vol. 16, No. 2 Spring/Summer 2007 134 REVIEW ESSAY lent status of the network as a medium of mass communication and exchange, a theater of sociality, a locus of technical mediation, and . a symbolic form in its...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2019) 28 (1): 137–166.
Published: 01 June 2019
...) but does not hurt (which matters to Sosias). Together with pantomime and melodrama, which use nonspeaking roles, the commedia dell’arte belongs to the lower or “illegitimate” forms of theater that Kleist draws on to confuse and subvert the bourgeois project of Bildung or discipline through theater. 19...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2010) 19 (1): 65–87.
Published: 01 June 2010
... to oversee all aspects of fi lm production and distribution, from reviewing scripts, to hiring actors and directors, to controlling the fi nal theater re- lease.2 This system brought new levels of control over the creative process, a redundant oversight system, and a massively expanded...