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Journal Article
Qui Parle (2022) 31 (2): 319–328.
Published: 01 December 2022
... © 2022 Editorial Board, Qui Parle 2022 alterity cohabitation futurity generosity world I remember a time, much earlier in my life, when I had not yet heard Nancy’s voice. It was a time when I did not know just how much of my life I would spend thinking about all that he had to say...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2012) 20 (2): 91–93.
Published: 01 December 2012
... inevitably do), Benedetto’s works await, ready to irreverently, fi ercely remind us exactly how our fragility makes us feel. Notes These notes came out of a series of conversations with the artist that took place during the summer and fall of 2011. If Cara Benedetto’s generosity...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2012) 20 (2): 71–89.
Published: 01 December 2012
... abandonment? Even if it’s Justin Vivian Bond’s hard ground—a better one than most, no doubt, because it doesn’t hate sex, and people are smiling when they hit the ground—in the end this instance of the austere imaginary re- produces the very kinds of generosity defi cit that come also...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2016) 24 (2): 161–170.
Published: 01 December 2016
... invisible functions” (quoted in pt, 8)— its place of priority, the exposed plant was left in the cold, its “secrets” hanging out. Some of our foremost fl oral theorists have been drawn to plants, or at least fl owers, for this very openness and generosity, which can aff ord more than opportunities...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2014) 22 (2): 163–175.
Published: 01 December 2014
... they may 170 qui parle spring/summer 2014 vol. 22, no. 2 be to achieve in practice: the attempt to feel in concordance with another appears as the ultimate act of generosity or self- sacrifi ce. But is a certain measure of distance perhaps worth retaining? If a too...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2013) 22 (1): 33–48.
Published: 01 June 2013
..., this empathy was a message sent to the nation: there was a remark- able contrast with his predecessor’s indifference to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. And obviously, this generosity was not exempt of international considerations: after the interventions in Afghani- stan and Iraq he had inherited...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2022) 31 (1): 7–26.
Published: 01 June 2022
... for the gift of food, a spontaneous and perhaps facetious act of generosity that is taken by the ghost as a sacrificial offering. Yet in this awkward feeling of gratitude we see the ghost’s sorry condition, how it cannot enjoy such offerings from its descendants, having been forgotten on this riverbank far...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2017) 26 (2): 249–269.
Published: 01 December 2017
... irrevocably compelled by Derrida and caught up in his fascinating itineraries. In fact, Derrida supported us strongly and, with his customary generosity, delivered manuscripts to our door. Wait. I’m having trouble focusing. The newsfeed that has accrued to the past months, overburdening this period...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2004) 14 (2): 177–204.
Published: 01 December 2004
... generosity, on the recording, is to offer his disfigured face as a form of address to an absent other, the listener. As de Man points out such an offering "posits the possibility of the latter's reply and confers upon it the power of speech." In other words, at the same time that Armstrong both...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2016) 24 (2): 109–136.
Published: 01 December 2016
... as an act of loving generosity. Revisiting the initial time of “No future” from this much later point in its historical sequence, then, as I have sought to do here, discloses the possibility of an attentive relation to the present as al- ready an act of care and an affi rmation...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2020) 29 (1): 65–94.
Published: 01 June 2020
... (apart from some tangential discussions) on the branch of critique I am best acquainted with, twentieth-century French philosophy, to argue that it does not neglect questions of affect, aesthetics, pleasure, attachment, and (reparatively) interpretive generosity. Felski’s account, in my view...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2017) 26 (1): 101–142.
Published: 01 June 2017
....” 17 The generosity and hospitality of this invitation created a space of accompaniment, in which the opportunity to participate in the commerce of thinking-writing-speaking-reading was predicated on the obligation not to name names, such as Shaan’s or Andrew’s, but to speak in one’s own name...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2005) 15 (2): 105–137.
Published: 01 December 2005
..., a checkpoint, an obstruction to movement. Whether he should pass the checkpoint or•not will always depend on an arbitrary syntax consisting of successful negotiation, momen- tary generosity, a positive frame of mind, chemistry, luck, a gamble, skill, cunning, artifice...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2009) 18 (1): 25–52.
Published: 01 June 2009
... in the seminar. In fact, Chris Burden (infamous for having shot himself, crawling through glass, and nailing himself to a Volkswagen in early perfor- mances), then head of the Art Department, resigned at least partly in protest of the university’s generosity toward the student, who was allowed...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2003) 13 (2): 19–51.
Published: 01 December 2003
... the fact that we live (and die) in fear of the collapse of thought. His exploration of cruelty contains with- in it a certain generosity, a kindness: We learned from him the strictly condensed meaning of the thing called tenderness, held in reserve." For Hijikata, Artaud's pain is also a giving...
Journal Article
Qui Parle (2001) 12 (2): 143–178.
Published: 01 December 2001
... was that it aug- mented his private role, that of the friend of artists. He had the ability to focus in on someone he liked so in- tensely that the one could only feel like Frank's best friend — and he had the generosity to have had dozens of close...