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security rituals

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Journal Article
Public Culture (1 January 2018) 30 (1): 143–171.
Published: 01 January 2018
...Deepa Kumar This article examines “security rituals,” routinized and repetitive performances of security practices, and their role in reproducing US nationalism and militarism. It argues that the security ritual as a form emerges out of the Cold War. Its revival in the war on terror era, which has...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 May 2004) 16 (2): 209–238.
Published: 01 May 2004
...Mayfair Mei-hui Yang © 2004 by Duke University Press 2004 Mayfair Mei-hui Yang teaches in the anthropology and religious studies departments at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is working on a book manuscript titled “Re-Enchanting Modernity:Sovereignty, Popular Rituals...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 January 2017) 29 (1 (81)): 191–215.
Published: 01 January 2017
... humanization of animals who live in Gaza. I show how human animals—Israelis and Palestinians, children and terrorists—as well as nonhuman animals—snakes, zoo animals, dogs, mice, lions, insects, zebras, donkeys, chickens, and beasts—perform detailed daily rituals of humanization, dehumanization, and...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 September 2017) 29 (3 (83)): 418–432.
Published: 01 September 2017
...Noah Arjomand This essay follows a young barber named Mehmet as he joins the Turkish military in the wake of the country’s July 15, 2016, coup attempt. Mehmet’s preconscription rituals are used as an synecdochic entry point for a discussion of masculine dignity and control over public space as key...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 May 2010) 22 (2): 333–368.
Published: 01 May 2010
... the very constitution of the popular. Daily rituals around the Coca Cola logo (placing empty plastic pots as mute witness to water scarcity) became critical to the formation of such a front against the corporate giant. I argue such performances are the norm these days in our highly media-saturated...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 September 2009) 21 (3): 551–576.
Published: 01 September 2009
... ways in which the “routines and rituals” of state articulate in practice with both a spatial and a nationalist politics of the people. This is not a politics of rebellion or resistance; rather, it advances a compliant civilizational nationalism with deep roots in China's revolutionary twentieth century...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 September 2010) 22 (3): 433–463.
Published: 01 September 2010
... essay theorizes a secrecy/threat matrix as a core project of the national security state. In doing so, it assesses the ideological linkages between “weapons of mass destruction” and the “secret” from the Cold War through the “war on terror.” The essay argues that the long-term effect of state secrecy is...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 September 2018) 30 (3): 393–412.
Published: 01 September 2018
... self to become a subject of human rights that human rights films are contributing to human rights culture—in advance of a global community of citizens and institutions that might regularly and routinely secure human rights for all. Copyright © 2018 Duke University Press 2018 cultural politics...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 January 2018) 30 (1): 1–2.
Published: 01 January 2018
... continues our empirical focus on the United States, but moves us from World War II to the “war on terror,” examining how security rituals produce particular forms of US nationalism. Using Michael Billig’s notion of “hot” and “banal” nationalism, Kumar shows how momentary ruptures in otherwise banal...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 September 2007) 19 (3): 461–482.
Published: 01 September 2007
... the nation. In Israel the security check has emerged as a key ritual for resolving and polic- ing the potentially deadly intertwining of national conflict and everyday life, col- lective crisis and individual risk. A measure of its...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 January 1992) 5 (1): 83–88.
Published: 01 January 1992
... held once every five years and routinely “won” by the government party by more or less the same percent- age. Perhaps because of their heightened regularity, these elections are framed within a rhetoric of ritual and called, in an almost Bakhtinian fash- ion, “Pesta Demokrasi”: “Festivals...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 January 1992) 5 (1): 67–74.
Published: 01 January 1992
... describes how this very process of ratification becomes itself the site for the subtle de-authorization of state power that takes place through its authorizing rituals, how the vulgarity of the production is ex- posed, how the language of the ritual is altered through intonation and se...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 January 1996) 9 (1): 55–68.
Published: 01 January 1996
... uncontrolled - demonstration, that was widely interpreted as demonstrating a rift between state and nation. Thus the incapacity of the new state to funnel employment, and its concomi- tant difficulty in securing key ritual spaces, added to the...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 March 2013) 25 (2 70): 209–221.
Published: 01 March 2013
.... 212 A distinction that matters for my examination is between ritualized spaces we Does the City recognize as such and spaces either that are not ritualized or that we fail to recog- Have Speech? nize as such. Much of what we experience as urbanity in our Western European tradition is a set of...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 May 1989) 1 (2): 93–97.
Published: 01 May 1989
... nations. Bangkok - In Somerset Maugham's famous story of prewar imperial rituals, an En- glishman posted to Southeast Asia received each month a consignment of the previous month's London Times which he would then read each day in proper sequence. He is aroused to murderous passion when a...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 January 2019) 31 (1): 145–171.
Published: 01 January 2019
... who have cornered a strange beast and do not know how to finish it off . —J. M. Coetzee, Disgrace In J. M. Coetzee’s novel Disgrace , Professor David Lurie loses his job and becomes a social pariah due to his refusal to display contrition needed for the ritual of confession to be effective...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 May 2006) 18 (2): 323–347.
Published: 01 May 2006
... is a necessary step in bringing “democracy” to the Muslim world — and the strategic means by which this programmatic vision is being instituted today. Insomuch as secularism is a historically shifting category with a variegated genealogy, my aim is not to secure an authoritative definition of...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 May 2000) 12 (2): 477–498.
Published: 01 May 2000
... not an easy place to sit back and feel secure. All of these changes have intertwined with religious life in Taiwan, which has under- gone several decades of creative expansion and seems to thrive on Taiwan’s gen- eral uncertainty. Of Dogs and Death A number of previously obscure temples...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 May 1998) 10 (2): 443–449.
Published: 01 May 1998
... this surplus of affect by various kinds of rituals and symbols (flags, holidays, commemorations, exhibitions, cemeteries, stamps, cenotaphs, and the like). The trouble with this latter approach to full attachment is that it assumes, wrongly...
Journal Article
Public Culture (1 September 1996) 8 (3): 567–585.
Published: 01 September 1996
...- gies. And First-World travel writing in a post-colonial age tends to be reduced to the rhetoric of “anti-conquest,” by which EuropeandNorth Americans “seek to secure their innocence in the same moment as they assert . . . hegemony” (p. 7...