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Published: 01 September 2018
Figure 4 Burning trash dumpster in Beit Hanina. Trash is often burnt when it is not picked up by the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem. Photograph by author. More
Journal Article
Public Culture (2010) 22 (1): 7–15.
Published: 01 January 2010
...Pallavi Govindnathan This essay defines the spread of acid attacks in South Asia and other regions, where disputes over land, inheritances, dowries, and declined marriage proposals often arouse greed and jealousy and lead to violence. Acid attacks are profoundly vicious crimes, the more so because...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2018) 30 (3): 367–392.
Published: 01 September 2018
... often become the domain of the religious right. The article asks how this has happened, and whether human rights—widely accused of a retreat into technicalities at the expense of intense conviction—has lost anything along the way. In doing so, the article treats conscience as a historically embedded...
Journal Article
Public Culture 9937424.
Published: 31 October 2022
... in conceptualizing cities. They remain small and are often discarded as stray individual preoccupations, anecdotes, or subjective obsessions. While some of these are related to earnings and occupations, others are simply “useless.” However, everyone seems to have a trip that one lives with and for, and which...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2009) 21 (1): 141–173.
Published: 01 January 2009
... and bounded sovereign territory, and to show how the cartography of national humiliation informs the biopolitics of the geobody. China's often unique experience, the essay concludes, can show us how cartography is an important site of struggle for other peoples as well. Copyright 2009 by Duke University...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2016) 28 (1 (78)): 139–160.
Published: 01 January 2016
... the course of his life has been shaped in no small part by his own decisions. This is precisely because circumstances have unmoored him from the sorts of firm and enduring institutions that shape human trajectories. Herein lies the paradox: a forced migrant’s life is often radically decisional. The argument...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2015) 27 (3 (77)): 427–447.
Published: 01 September 2015
... impossible to have much evident effect on the conditions of people’s lives, humanitarianism often turns to endurance as a purpose: helping people better cope with circumstances they cannot change. At the limits of the humanitarian imaginary, endurance projects seek to enable people to find different ways...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2009) 21 (3): 495–515.
Published: 01 September 2009
...Andrea Muehlebach The contemporary situation is seldom best characterized as a battlefield with clearly drawn political dividing lines. In fact, neoliberalism is often better understood as a form to contain the oppositional—old leftist solidarity and new rightist utopias—and fold them into a single...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2013) 25 (2 70): 349–367.
Published: 01 March 2013
... to planning and policy making. Based on the observation and analysis of projects, developments, and initiatives at a metropolitan level and “on the ground” in over twenty cities, this essay argues that the potential for social integration and democratic engagement of socially excluded urban residents is often...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2016) 28 (2 (79)): 291–315.
Published: 01 May 2016
...Gökçe Günel This article examines the discourses and practices of climate change adaptation in the Arabian Peninsula. It suggests that climate change adaptation projects in the region are often attempts at reframing water-related challenges that are already present, regardless of the effects...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2014) 26 (3 (74)): 501–528.
Published: 01 September 2014
... its fast-urbanizing populations. In the post-Soviet age, nationalizing leaders have been equally quick to embrace the ready spectacle of dazzling architecture as the face of reform. This essay explores the recent and often stunning changes afoot in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, to consider how...
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Journal Article
Public Culture (2016) 28 (3 (80)): 563–592.
Published: 01 September 2016
... poker play, and discussion threads from poker forum archives, the article explores how the game and its data-intensive software teach gamblers to act from the vantage of an infinite temporal field in which probabilistic values can be trusted to bear out. Although digital media is often associated...
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Journal Article
Public Culture (2016) 28 (3 (80)): 593–616.
Published: 01 September 2016
... of market fundamentalism has been accompanied by deepening uncertainty: the state has become criminal, criminals counterfeit the state. For those caught in the middle, distinguishing between predator and protector is often impossible. Proliferating protection rackets are both a symptom of and answer...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2018) 30 (2): 245–268.
Published: 01 May 2018
... and demonstrates how nonbelievers often exceed the binaries of secularism and warrant a more capacious understanding of religion. There is no coordinated legal strategy across nonbeliever organizations in the United States, though attorneys will often write amicus curiae briefs in support of one another’s...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2019) 31 (1): 69–92.
Published: 01 January 2019
... so, this essay illuminates the often unrecognized differences in communicative labor that constitute contemporary forms of global legality. Ethnographic studies of human rights law reveal how global elites translate “down” from the international institutions that produce legal categories as well...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2019) 31 (2): 215–234.
Published: 01 May 2019
...Jessica R. Cattelino Beyond “diversity,” activists, scholars, and administrators increasingly turn to “climate” as a way of describing the often-inchoate feelings and (re) productive processes that constitute a world, including with reference to racial and gender justice on American college...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2019) 31 (3): 539–561.
Published: 01 September 2019
... significance. It demonstrates that extrajudicial forms of retribution exceed judicial forms and that more often than not the police are the punishment. Copyright 2019 by Duke University Press 2019 police punishment violence “It was not a desire for vengeance, but a desire for justice...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2022) 34 (1 (96)): 99–121.
Published: 01 January 2022
... have often been out of step with the movement and with international media narratives that have defined it. The article provides historical and theoretical insight into the role of both collaboration and conflict in the formation of the city's political identity and points to possibilities for engaging...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2022) 34 (1 (96)): 47–70.
Published: 01 January 2022
... incorporated. In effect, their testimonies and embodiments invert the reparative logic of worker remittances — cash transfers often thought to be the objective of migration. Against the cruel economies of risk that decapacitated AMIREDIS members as laborers, their testimonies offer an internationalism...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2017) 29 (2 (82)): 227–234.
Published: 01 May 2017
... of inequality (e.g., segregation and the division of labor) are sidelined by explicit adoption of egalitarian principles, the essay shows that, even when democratic civility prevails, background inequalities on the basis of race, gender, social class, and immigration status are often reproduced in mundane...