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Journal Article
Public Culture (2001) 13 (3): 349–358.
Published: 01 September 2001
... (forthcoming). PC 13.3-01 Breckenridge 9/14/01 3:35 PM Page 349 The Critical Limits of Embodiment: Disability’s Criticism Carol A. Breckenridge...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2001) 13 (3): 367–390.
Published: 01 September 2001
... Studies and the Resistance to Embodiment Sharon L. Snyder and David T. Mitchell isabled Romantic poet Lord Byron’s last, unfinished play, The Deformed DD...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2018) 30 (1): 113–142.
Published: 01 January 2018
... and Whitney Aircraft, Suggestion Awards Increased Again! , WPB (1942–1943), NAID 534224. 55 Bonds for Brainstorms , WPB (1942–1943), NAID 534148. Copyright 2018 by Duke University Press 2018 economy of ideas worker creativity embodied knowledge war posters labor-management relations...
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Journal Article
Public Culture (1996) 9 (1): 3–32.
Published: 01 January 1996
...Jacqueline Bhabha Copyright © 1996 by The University of Chicago 1996 Embodied Rights: Gender Persecution, State Sovereignty, and Refugees...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2020) 32 (1): 5–23.
Published: 01 January 2020
... of interracial violence, Devonte embodies and embodied the conditions of contemporary Black life and death in the United States. His disappearance is intimately linked to other forms and histories of American state violence. Through cultural analysis, autoethnography, and poetic intervention, this essay performs...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2010) 22 (1): 67–88.
Published: 01 January 2010
... and democratization as embodied practice. The Reckless Will: Prison Chaplaincy and the Problem of Mara Salvatrucha Kevin Lewis O’Neill The phone call was rushed, near frantic. From inside one...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2010) 22 (3): 507–529.
Published: 01 September 2010
... thus defines the borders of Europe while embodying national identities in France, in the Netherlands, and elsewhere. Copyright 2010 by Duke University Press 2010 All translations from the French in this article are mine. National Identities and Transnational...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2018) 30 (2): 283–303.
Published: 01 May 2018
... embody the movement’s politics. Such an egalitarian “living archive” proved impossible to fully actualize in the way that it had been conceptualized. The process of its development, however, reveals a great deal through the tensions between the living archive as an ideal expression of the movement’s...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2018) 30 (3): 353–365.
Published: 01 September 2018
...Mahdi Sabbagh This essay traces the author’s family’s daily commute, from their East Jerusalem neighborhood to school and work in West Jerusalem. The path, charged with political and emotional weight, embodies the everyday challenges of the Palestinian community in Jerusalem. Each section...
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Journal Article
Public Culture (2016) 28 (1 (78)): 139–160.
Published: 01 January 2016
..., and the conceptions of self that it embodies. 2016 decisions forced migration Somalia South Africa 7 See Ferguson 2006 and Vigh 2009 . References Arendt Hannah . 1958 . The Human Condition . Chicago : University of Chicago Press . Arendt Hannah . 1973 . The Origins...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2010) 22 (2): 369–397.
Published: 01 May 2010
... drawn from digital media. While his notion of the generic city is modeled on the film studio set, with its utterly flexible and ephemeral structures expanded to the scale of the city, and his more recent structures embody the promises of a network society, Koolhaas fails to consider other image-making...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2011) 23 (2): 431–448.
Published: 01 May 2011
... political subordinated the abstraction of nation and economy via the immediacy and visibility of embodied practice. Copyright 2011 by Duke University Press 2011 Gandhi before Mahatma: The Foundations of Political Truth Shruti Kapila...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2017) 29 (1 (81)): 5–16.
Published: 01 January 2017
... with their truth-value; some travel a long mile to the center but remain unheard, some embody centrality wherever they are. One reporter’s newspaper gave him bylines on Pakistan stories for years while he lived in Europe. Another one claimed in print, bless his soul, that because he had gained a passing...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2004) 16 (2): 239–264.
Published: 01 May 2004
...Biman Basu © 2004 by Duke University Press 2004 Biman Basu teaches in the Department of English at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. This article, along with “Hybrid Embodiment and an Ethics of Masochism,” which appeared in African American Review (fall 2002), is part of a manuscript...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2001) 13 (3): ix–xi.
Published: 01 September 2001
...Elizabeth A. Povinelli 2001 PC 13.3-000 fm/toc2 9/14/01 3:33 PM Page i The Critical Limits of Embodiment: Reflections on Disability Criticism Carol A. Breckenridge and Candace Vogler...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2001) 13 (3): xii–xiv.
Published: 01 September 2001
... 2001 PC 13.3-000 fm/toc2 9/14/01 3:33 PM Page i The Critical Limits of Embodiment: Reflections on Disability Criticism Carol A. Breckenridge and Candace Vogler Guest...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2019) 31 (3): 521–538.
Published: 01 September 2019
... (298). And so when he reflects that “it was absolutely clear that the police would whip you and take you in as long as they could get away with it” (299), such a conclusion about the function of the law as a race-producing force is reached by claiming the veracity of embodied experience...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2004) 16 (2): 189–208.
Published: 01 May 2004
... titled “Embodiments of Value.” Agamben Giorgio. 1998 . Homo sacer:Sovereign power and bare life , translated by Daniel Heller-Roazen. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press. ———. 1999 . On potentiality. In Potentialities: Collected essays in philosophy . Stanford, Calif.: Stanford...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2005) 17 (1): 101–128.
Published: 01 January 2005
... matters.25 What becomes clear in the speech is that its version of the logic of racism works by reducing Africans to sexual and animal embodiment. Racism is abhorrent because it reduced Sarah Bartmann to the status of a carnal curiosity...
Journal Article
Public Culture (2001) 13 (1): 113–138.
Published: 01 January 2001
... that the French book be turned to read the lines of the Arabic text. In this pivotal scene, the spi- ral turn of the book becomes a narrative structure that unfolds the logic of textual events and simultaneously illustrates the concept of embodied meaning...