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Editorial Office:
Public Culture
20 Cooper Sq., Ste. 517
New York, NY 10003
212-998-8468 (fax)

Shamus Khan

Senior Editors:
John Jackson
Andrew Lakoff
Sharon Marcus
Fred Turner
Caitlin Zaloom

Executive Editor:
Eric Klinenberg

Editors, Public Books:
Sharon Marcus
Caitlin Zaloom

Editorial Committee:
Nadia Abu El-Haj
Craig Calhoun
Manu Goswami
Greg Grandin
Bruce Grant
Josh Kun
Johan Lindquist
Alondra Nelson
Eyal Press
Erica Robles-Anderson
Josef Sorett
Marita Sturken
Sudhir Venkatesh
Andrea Voyer
Guobin Yang

Founding Editors:
Arjun Appadurai
†Carol A. Breckenridge

Managing Editor:
Stephen Twilley

Assistant Editor:
Shane Brennan

Editorial Assistant:
Cypress Marrs

Digital Media and Strategy:
Yoonjai Choi
Ken Meier

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