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Journal Article
positions (2004) 12 (1): 7–69.
Published: 01 February 2004
...Wang Hui 2004 by Duke University Press 2004 Translated by Rebecca E. Karl The Year 1989 and the Historical Roots of Neoliberalism in China Wang Hui One could almost say that the twentieth century was summed up a bit early, in 1989, even...
Journal Article
positions (2008) 16 (3): 711–742.
Published: 01 August 2008
...Simon Avenell From the “People” to the “Citizen”: Tsurumi Shunsuke and the Roots of Civic Mythology in Postwar Japan Simon Avenell What could be more emblematic of postwar Japanese democracy than the spontaneous birth of the “citizen” (shimin...
Journal Article
positions (2015) 23 (4): 743–784.
Published: 01 November 2015
...Christine Hong Reading North Korean defector memoirs and Korean American “roots” narratives as forms of “second culture” relative to North Korea, namely, an alternative US-oriented culture whose representational authority is held as exceeding that of the socialist state of origin, this essay...
Journal Article
positions (2012) 20 (3): 805–830.
Published: 01 August 2012
... the “Cambodian syndrome” and are productively rooted in “memory work.” Copyright 2012 by Duke University Press 2012 Cambodian American Memory Work: Justice and the “Cambodian Syndrome” Cathy J. Schlund- Vials The work of healing a country really happens inside each Cambodian...
Journal Article
positions (2012) 20 (4): 1159–1189.
Published: 01 November 2012
... that even though Chinese and Anglo-US notions of animal cruelty were rooted in different assumptions, they nonetheless shared a notion of humaneness that fostered a meeting of minds with regard to the administration of animal protection. Social and political circumstances, however, focused the attention...
Journal Article
positions (2013) 21 (1): 189–221.
Published: 01 February 2013
...-life spaces of working-class communities. While TNS stages most of its forum theater work within the conventional walls of theater space, Drama Box embraces an aesthetic and site specificity that are closer to the form's popular roots. The Marcusean/Gramscian framework presented in this article offers...
Journal Article
positions (2013) 21 (2): 351–381.
Published: 01 May 2013
.... This article explores how Takiguchi fostered independent art movements despite his conflicting engagement with the establishment. In Takiguchi's mind, artistic collectivism had to be rooted in the public domain so that art and society would inform each other. His utopian vision paralleled many objectives...
Journal Article
positions (2014) 22 (3): 635–659.
Published: 01 August 2014
...Lili Lai The phenomenon of “modernization indoors, dirt and chaos outdoors” ( shinei xiandaihua, shiwai zangluancha ) is now prevalent all over rural China. This article attends to the political and economic roots and social determinants of “dirty villages,” aiming to show how people's...
Journal Article
positions (2017) 25 (4): 795–820.
Published: 01 November 2017
...-discriminatory citizenship laws are rooted in historical social and geopolitical tensions with India, especially nationalistic fears about Indian encroachment into Nepali territory and politics. This article argues that resurgent resistance to equitable citizenship laws does not simply reflect hegemonic Hindu...
Journal Article
positions (2018) 26 (3): 483–515.
Published: 01 August 2018
..., or painting. At the same time, broader philosophical debates in Japan—rooted in a theory of place and opening up to the topics of specificity and mediation—had moved beyond this anthropocentric imaginary. Nonetheless, these debates were caught in an aporia, oscillating between the immediately political...
Journal Article
positions (2020) 28 (1): 65–86.
Published: 01 February 2020
..., this article touches on the divergent roots of the women’s liberation movement and western feminism, the Maoist era’s negation of femininity, and the lingering patriarchal structure of art institutions. It was only after a series of groundbreaking exhibitions exploring the female psyche in the 1990s that women...
Journal Article
positions (2015) 23 (3): 515–543.
Published: 01 August 2015
... by engaging in affective labor but also creating a “new idealism”—a sense of hope for their future rooted in commercial activity and conditioned by state supervision that results in the formation of new subjectivities. This article provides a close reading of Chen Xiao's story, a young unemployed college...
Journal Article
positions (2021) 29 (4): 809–834.
Published: 01 November 2021
...Covell F. Meyskens Abstract This article examines two theoretical frameworks used to evaluate Maoist development. The first is based on neoclassical economic theory, and the second is rooted in the idea that the Chinese Communist Party made China into a state capitalist regime. Both...
Journal Article
positions (2017) 25 (2): 323–349.
Published: 01 May 2017
... in Kinokuniya Hall on American race relations). In these nonfictional musings, Ōe posits an analogous existential dilemma shared by the postwar Japanese and post–civil rights era African-Americans. Ōe's proposed solution to this dilemma—a kind of existential freedom rooted in celebrating ethnic and racial...
Journal Article
positions (2020) 28 (2): 363–387.
Published: 01 May 2020
... conventional portrayals of comfort women as erotic prostitutes. The image of comfort women as highly sexualized bodies has taken deep root in postwar Japanese popular culture, but the statue challenges this stereotyping and presents instead the pristine image of comfort women as innocent teenage victims...
Journal Article
positions (2003) 11 (3): 735–763.
Published: 01 August 2003
... with the Chinese community.”4 Nearly twenty years later, a second group of Chinese Americans visited ancestral villages in the Pearl River Delta region. The frame for the In Search of Roots Program (hereafter, Roots) was not revolution but multicultural...
Journal Article
positions (2006) 14 (1): 1–6.
Published: 01 February 2006
... rationality that aestheticizes government. For a significant moment in the semicolonial politics of China, as the new intel- lectual elites fused with modern flows of political power, governmentality, rooted in the idea of the aesthetic state, drew...
Journal Article
positions (2017) 25 (2): 251–254.
Published: 01 May 2017
... drew heavily on a countervailing tendency. Avant-gardism found its roots in Bergsonian vitalism. Expanding on Donald M. Lowe’s pioneering work on the history of perception, Hayter sees vitalists pushing back against deraci­ nation...
Journal Article
positions (2008) 16 (3): 485–489.
Published: 01 August 2008
...” is rooted in his academic work as an economist and dean of the School of Agriculture and Rural Development at Renmin University in Beijing. Wen draws on the academic convention of the cau- tionary tale to excoriate social policies in Mexico...
Journal Article
positions (1993) 1 (2): 349–388.
Published: 01 May 1993
.... This teleology, rooted in the discursive practices of Chinese modernity, reaches back to the Darwinian meditations of Yan Fu and Kang Youwei. Whether we label it cultural utilitarianism, or simply the utopian vision of a Chinese modernity...