While the internet is often seen as having destroyed book culture, this article is interested in those areas in our contemporary media environment where book and internet culture actually converge. Focusing on the example of BookTube, the author examines how book culture is “done” on the internet and analyzes the values attached to the media practices involved. In particular, in millennial book culture, social aspects of reading are often emphasized. This trend is usually associated with the new affordances of social media and either assessed positively (e.g., by proponents of the internet as a democratizing force) or negatively (e.g., by detractors of the internet as fostering superficiality). The author argues that such a simplistic binary view can be transcended if one takes a historical perspective, reflecting on how sociality and self-fashioning have been integral aspects of book culture for centuries. At the same time, she shows the extent to which BookTube provides new opportunities to socialize around reading.

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