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Editorial Board

Editorial Office:
American Dialect Society Publications
Duke University Press
905 W. Main St., 18B
Durham, NC 27701
919-688-5595 (fax)

Thomas C. Purnell, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Associate Editor for Audio Features:
Alexandra D’Arcy, University of Victoria

Associate Editor for Book Reviews:
Katie Carmichael, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Associate Editor, Pedagogical Section:
Kathryn Remlinger, Grand Valley State University

Managing Editor:
Charles E. Carson, Duke University Press

Editorial Advisory Committee:
Jennifer Bloomquist, Gettysburg College
Jeffrey Reaser, North Carolina State University
Joseph Salmons, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Susan Tamasi, Emory University

Christine Mallinson, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, Ohio State University
Lauren Hall-Lew, University of Edinburgh
Erik R. Thomas, North Carolina State University

Erica Benson, University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire
Becky Childs, Coastal Carolina University
Anne Curzan, University of Michigan
Tyler Kendall, University of Oregon

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