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Journal Article
Novel (2015) 48 (1): 148–150.
Published: 01 May 2015
...N. Katherine Hayles Coale Samuel Chase , Quirks of the Quantum: Postmodernism and Contemporary American Literature ( Charlottesville : U of Virginia P , 2012 ) , pp. 240, paper, $24.50 . Copyright © 2015 by Duke University Press 2015 In Quirks of the Quantum , Samuel Chase...
Journal Article
Novel (2021) 54 (2): 248–269.
Published: 01 August 2021
...Corbin Hiday Copyright © 2021 by Novel, Inc. 2021 Early on in Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights , the unsightly presence of coal repulses Lockwood's urban, bourgeois sensibilities: “[S]tepping into the room, I saw a servant-girl on her knees, surrounded by brushes and coal-scuttles...
Journal Article
Novel (2017) 50 (3): 351–359.
Published: 01 November 2017
... with Trump's fictitious mode than were commentators—indeed, that they had overcome any discomfort or sense of bad faith they might once have felt about voting for a candidate in whom they did not believe. A radio interview with a former coal miner who voted for Trump despite doubting that he would or could...
Journal Article
Novel (2013) 46 (1): 1–25.
Published: 01 May 2013
..., Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate in Selected Art Works of Constable, Monet, and Eliasson.” Geoforum 39 ( 2008 ): 570 – 80 . ———. John Constable's Skies: A Fusion of Art and Science . London : Continuum , 1999 . Thorsheim Peter . Inventing Pollution: Coal, Smoke, and Culture in Britain...
Journal Article
Novel (2003) 36 (2): 219–243.
Published: 01 August 2003
... of coffee is not a detainer. The resem- blance to yellow is dirtier and distincter. The clean mixture is whiter and not coal color, never more coal color than altogether" (463). Perhaps Stein is representing in "A Piece of Coffee" spilled coffee (with cream?) on the dining-room table ("A place...
Journal Article
Novel (2010) 43 (1): 78–82.
Published: 01 May 2010
..., workers black with coal, soaked in sweat, who night and day tensed their muscles and felt their bones crack, to supply Nana’s pleasures. She devoured everything, like a great fire” (321–22). In both cases, the narrator’s sudden leap of consciousness seems to be propelled, that is to say justified...
Journal Article
Novel (2009) 42 (3): 417–422.
Published: 01 November 2009
... few pages of the opening volume. The sight of workmen in the street warming themselves by an improvised fire reminds Jenkins of “the ancient world—legionaries in sheepskin” round a pan of coals, perhaps a literary allusion to Kipling’s Puck of Pook’s Hill. Then his mind turns to Poussin’s...
Journal Article
Novel (2019) 52 (1): 44–63.
Published: 01 May 2019
...” (to borrow a phrase from the scientists) that are almost too numerous to list: expansions of geologic time, of population, of coal use, of print culture, of empire, of urban infrastructure, of the history of the human species, of the perceived interstellar expanse of the universe ( Crutzen and Steffen 253...
Journal Article
Novel (2017) 50 (1): 35–55.
Published: 01 May 2017
..., from the case study of one of her English patients, “Dick”: During the third hour, however, he also, for the first time, looked at the toys with interest, in which an aggressive tendency was evident. He pointed to a little coal-cart and said: “Cut.” I gave him a pair of scissors, and he tried...
Journal Article
Novel (2004) 37 (1-2): 45–65.
Published: 01 August 2004
... by the so-called Old Lady, whose "name always heads the list of any benevolent subscriptions," who donates twenty pounds toward the purchase of a new church organ and makes annual gifts of coal and soup to the parish poor (27). The alternative to charity is represented by the famous London reformer...
Journal Article
Novel (2013) 46 (1): 93–115.
Published: 01 May 2013
... light” (280). Although Tess “dismissed the past; trod upon it and put it out, as one treads on a coal that is smouldering and dangerous” (276), her solution is at best a tempo- rary one, given that her confession will be attended by exactly this past light—the “Last-Day luridness” and the “red...
Journal Article
Novel (2014) 47 (2): 210–223.
Published: 01 August 2014
... and coal, but the mill owners, who might provide substantial help, refuse responsibility for the suffering of their workers, insisting that workers, along with everyone else, accept market downturns. ‘‘It [the demand for labor] depends on events which God alone can control as John Carson, the mill owner...
Journal Article
Novel (2016) 49 (1): 49–64.
Published: 01 May 2016
...-era North, Higginson's holdings include “lands, houses, stocks, . . . and coal-mines,” and while he profits from the buying and selling of land to Americans of all classes, he never bothers to build up a country estate of his own (70). Higginson dies as a direct result of his efforts to establish...
Journal Article
Novel (2001) 34 (2): 293–308.
Published: 01 August 2001
... on the fender; on the hot coals infvont of him was a round pan, which he held by the rim with one hand, while he stirred its contents--a small grey buckwheat polenta-with a curved wooden spoon which he held in the other. Tonio's mother, brother and wife were sitting at the table, and three...
Journal Article
Novel (2017) 50 (2): 197–216.
Published: 01 August 2017
..., and his enormous fists, clenched till the knuckles whitened, raised in the air. Then it became abominable. In the schoolroom outside, behind a coal scuttle, the cat listened to the sounds of stamping and struggling and the muffled noise of blows, wildly terrified, his eyes bulging like brass knobs...
Journal Article
Novel (2006) 39 (3): 402–420.
Published: 01 November 2006
... the approval of the publisher, Squire Tag-Rime lacks even the coal that he needs to burn them. After throwing them in the empty grate, he knocks himself unconscious by bending to retrieve six good lines and This anonymous piece appeared in the Criticnl Revim 52 (December 1781): 477-80...
Journal Article
Novel (2006) 39 (2): 204–220.
Published: 01 August 2006
... be read as its homonym "I" to suggest the black self; is where his vision of freedom and righteous indignation reside. When Mr. Harris decides to remove him from the factory, George's "large dark eyes flash[] like live coals" (11). During his "declaration of independence," which he delivers while...
Journal Article
Novel (2003) 36 (2): 198–218.
Published: 01 August 2003
... possibility. In other words, law and morality, or virtue and right, are care- fully distinguished in order to afford their mutual reinforcement and coales- cence, and it is only through right that virtue comes to find expression. For where virtue does not necessarily and in every instance speak...
Journal Article
Novel (2011) 44 (3): 424–443.
Published: 01 November 2011
Journal Article
Novel (2013) 46 (2): 214–233.
Published: 01 August 2013
... that they would conduct their first census in 1861 at the same time as the census in England. He went on to summarize important economic facts about Australia’s wool and coal production, “illustrating both the extraordinary growth and prosperity of these settlements, and the violent fluctuations to which...