In the 2017 PMLA forum on her book The Limits of Critique, Rita Felski defends herself against her detractors in the following terms:

I've received quite a few e-mails from readers expressing their relief at finding long-simmering frustrations addressed in my book (“cathartic” has been used more than once). Yet others do not see what I see. It is not that they disagree about details or take issue with certain points; rather, the picture I draw makes no sense to them. This reaction surely has something to do with attunement: the extent to which critique . . . can constitute a stylistics of existence . . . such that a proposal to consider alternatives can seem like a threat rather than an invitation. (“Response” 385)

Felski here imagines other critics not as agreeing or disagreeing with her but instead as either like her or not—something she figures...

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