The author begins by providing a summarized timeline of the beginning and development of surrealism in Egypt, with a focus on the activities of the Art and Liberty group, inspired and established in 1939 by Georges Henein. Nearly 50 years later, in 1986, the author published Surrealism in Egypt and Plastic Arts (Cairo: Ministry of Culture, Foreign Cultural Relations, 1986), a historical account of surrealism in Egypt and the artistic and societal impact of the Art and Liberty group within this context. He offers the reader a glimpse into his interest and intention in writing Surrealism in Egypt and a selective account of and his rebuttal to certain critics of his book. The author concludes by reiterating the importance of this era and the activities of the Art and Liberty group and by recommending that another, deeply researched book be published to surpass Surrealism in Egypt that includes the international or non-Egyptian relationships and activities of this group of writers and artists.

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