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Current Issue
Volume 1,
Issue 1,
May 1, 2023

About the Journal

Monsoon publishes original and innovative research essays and special thematic issues that analyze the cultural, historical, and political circumstances that have shaped, and currently affect, the littoral societies of the Indian Ocean (IO). The interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, biannual journal aims to raise the profile of IO studies, bringing research on the societies, arts, and cultures of the basin to a wide audience. It also aims to fill a glaring gap in the extant literature on the IO region, which has consistently sidelined African and Gulf societies. With an eye cast toward expanding knowledge on the connections forged across diverse environments and cultures as a result of the monsoon, the journal intends to establish itself as a first-rate resource among, and in conversation with, other journals on oceanic and global studies.


Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf, Jeremy Prestholdt

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